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Exciting Bathroom Trends

Exciting Bathroom Trends for 2022

It’s that time of year again for the bathroom design industry! The new year has many new and exciting bathroom trends in store, and they are filled with both original and innovative ideas. In the case of some trends, a combination of originality and innovation. From aesthetic value to space hacks, sustainability to functional improvements, 2022’s bathroom trends are worth the buzz.

You may ask how any of this is important or useful to you, so take this into consideration before clicking away. Recently, have you wandered into your bathroom and, in the process of doing whatever you went there to do, realized in passing that you’re not content with one or more things about it? The catch is that everyone experiences that pretty frequently. The good news is there’s a lot you can do about it. Here are a few of the exciting bathroom trends for 2022:

Include Nature

People can’t seem to get enough of indoor plants, and as far as 2022’s bathroom trends go, bathroom design isn’t immune. We’re not complaining, though, we’re definitely on board. Outfitting your bathroom with plants gives it a more natural, peaceful look while not breaking the bank. It’s also synonymous with life and vitality, so you can’t go wrong.

Benches & Stools

Bathroom benches and stools have found their way into 2022’s bathroom trends. It’s obvious why. Benches and stools give you a chance to amplify bathroom design while also providing functional assistance, like seating alternatives.

Mix Up Your Textiles

Black and white towels, or towels of a single, neutral color, are a thing of the past. Towels of bold colors and statement patterns are in. As far as the cost and level of ease of ways you can instantly and significantly change your bathroom’s aesthetic and feeling, going for bolder colored and/or patterned towels is the most affordable, quickest way to do so. No wonder it’s one of 2022’s most exciting bathroom trends.

Luxury Features

It should come as no surprise that homebuyers in the market more frequently choose homes in which bathrooms have luxury features. Even the appearance of luxury is more attractive. That’s because people value when their bathrooms mimic the feeling of a spa-like retreat. If you want the same, think about mosaic tile, stylish hardware, stone countertops, and undermount sinks.

Freestanding Bathtubs

A trend that we’ve seen evolve every year in the world of bathroom design is the freestanding tub. If you don’t know, freestanding bathtubs are bathtubs that are exposed on all four sides. The type of bathtub you may have or commonly know of is called an alcove bathtub, which is surrounded by one to three walls. When freestanding bathtubs cracked bathroom trends, their initial buzz was just that they’re freestanding. In 2022, we’re seeing the Renaissance of the freestanding bathtub, with people having their way with materials, shape, colors, and size of their bathtubs. Get in on the excitement and try a freestanding tub!

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