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Easy Bathroom

Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The end of the year is an exciting time for interior design enthusiasts and homeowners looking to spruce up various rooms or areas in their homes. It’s usually a time when all of the industry voices and platforms share each next year’s design trends and renovation ideas, with the latest layouts and installations breaking through existing trends. Nowhere does this occur more than in (or for) the bathroom.

This is good news if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom. However, the bathroom design industry hasn’t been immune to the worldwide supply chain shortages. Due to the pandemic, almost all bathroom goods and manufacturing materials are in short supply, meaning remarkably inflated costs. Not to worry if you’re short on time and money (and still want to renovate your bathroom)! Here are some easy bathroom renovation ideas:

Replace Door Handles & Drawer Pulls

Replacing the door handles and drawer pulls in your bathroom is an easy renovation idea, the effectiveness of which you won’t notice until you actually do it. These little pieces of hardware are small, and used so often that most people eventually stop noticing them. Change them up and watch how they bring attention back to your bathroom’s details!

Add New Colors

A forever-easy bathroom renovation idea is to repaint your bathroom. You probably think we mean repainting your bathroom walls, and we do. Go bold with brighter colors or change the vibe with more Earthy colors and matte finishes. Try out different color pairings before committing, of course, but know that changing and/or adding color to your bathroom is always going to be an easy, affordable renovation idea. Don’t limit yourself to painting or repainting just your walls. If your bathroom has wood floors, painting or applying a different finish will make a statement from the ground up.

Cover Your Vanity Countertop With Vinyl

If your bathroom vanity has a countertop, you don’t necessarily need to tear out your old countertop and install a new one as part of your easy bathroom renovation project. An understated renovation idea involves resurfacing your existing bathroom countertops with industrial vinyl wrap. It’s an easy, affordable way to spruce up your bathroom vanity, and vinyl wrap offers countless different styles, colors, and finishes. If you’ve always wanted marble in your bathroom, wrapping your countertops with industrial vinyl in marble will achieve the appearance!

Open Storage

Last but not least, a relatively easy bathroom renovation idea – one that can drastically change the appearance, feel, and function of your bathroom – is open storage. This means removing your existing cabinets and other closed-door storage fixtures and opting for open shelves, utilizing baskets, hooks, and other organization trinkets to keep things neat and easily accessible. Wall-mounted shelves and other open storage methods will not only help you achieve an easy bathroom renovation, but will make your bathroom feel and appear more spacious, too. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, this can make a huge difference!


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