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Design Trends: Improve Your Bathroom

It’s hard to imagine that every year,  new, totally unique bathroom design trends will emerge. No matter what the size of your bathroom is, there’s only so many things you can put in it and do with it, right? Perhaps not! There seems to be no limit to human creativity, at least not with bathroom design trends because 2021 has gifted us with several more.

New or not, totally original to evolutions of existing ideas, one thing is for sure – there’s always room for improvement, even when it’s your bathroom we’re talking about (and we love talking about bathrooms). Even if you’re not in the market for a complete bathroom remodel, here are some of the latest and greatest bathroom design trends you can use to improve your bathroom:

Statement Lighting

One thing is certain, not just for bathrooms but for every room, and that is the need for light. Short of your bathroom’s window situation and the time of day (…sunlight), your bathroom needs light, and plenty of it. Why should statement lighting be limited to other areas? We say it shouldn’t. If it’s within your budget, a great way to declare that there is light in your bathroom is to hang a chandelier in it! 

Hybrid Floors

People often look to spruce up their bathrooms through their walls, ceilings, and other main features. Why not the floors? A sharp way to improve your bathroom design is with hybrid flooring. Try blending tile and wood!

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities have entered the bathroom design world as the new, cool, futuristic option. They serve a greater purpose than just the value-add when it comes to design and aesthetics, though. Floating vanities provide you with all the storage needs that traditional vanities do, but save a lot of space when compared to their traditional counterparts. The floating part also means your bathroom is easier to clean, with no unreachable or hard-to-reach areas under or behind traditional vanities.

Backlit Mirrors

Industry reports claim that, during a bathroom renovation, about 75% of homeowners replace their mirrors. With such a rate of replacement, backlit mirrors have found their way into many bathrooms. It should come as no surprise, because not only are they a top aesthetic addition, but they’re functionally sound, too. Many backlit mirrors include dimmable, ambient lighting that offers more than enough light without the glare, while helping highlight textured wall surfaces and serve as nightlights for evening bathroom visits.

Follow the Data

A Forbes article published at the beginning of the year took a unique twist on tracking bathroom design trends. Relying on data pulled from Pinterest – specifically, the most “pinned” bathroom content – the article lists eight of the most popular 2021 bathroom design trends based on the % increase of Pinterest user engagement. Take a look! You may find a few design trends not listed above that would definitely help improve your bathroom!


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