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Best Bathroom Vanity Trends

Best Bathroom Vanity Trends

Whether or not you’re remodeling your bathroom this year, or more specifically thinking about sprucing up your bathroom by replacing your vanity, it’s always exciting to read up on the latest vanity trends. Come on, admit it. You’ve been there – clicking around the Internet and looking at different bathroom vanities, wishing yours could look like this one or that one. There’s no shame in admitting it.

No need to answer. You’re here anyway, right? While we have you, we’ll prove our theory by going over a few of the latest trends. The new year has brought with it many strikingly good looking, stylish, and useful vanity trends. Truthfully, we’re graced by new trends, but what’s also true is that each year, the new trends out-do the old thanks to innovation and the industry creatives. Ok, ok, here are the best bathroom vanity trends out there right now:


Arguably the top bathroom vanity trend currently is the minimalist vanity. This style trend is characterized by cleanliness, simplicity, and a “less is more” attitude. Away with the clutter! Let your vanity shine all by itself.


In recent years, bathroom design trends have crept closer and closer to nature. This year, natural elements have made it all the way to vanity trends. In any bathroom, there’s nothing more calm yet gorgeous than a wood grain vanity.

Floating & Free-Standing

Floating vanities and free-standing vanities are all the buzz right now in bathroom vanity trends. One reason is they both fit right into the first trend we discussed – minimalism. Floating, or wall-mounted, vanities save a lot of space and look elegant while still allowing traditional under-sink vanity storage. Free-standing vanities take elegance and aesthetic to another level, but may reduce or eliminate vanity storage. 

The Golden Age

Gold has always been associated with luxury and opulence, so it’s no shock that gold hardware – not actual gold (unless…), but gold-colored – is trending in bathroom vanities. Not only does it blend in well with a wide variety of bathroom design styles, it’ll give your vanity (and through your vanity, you) a new confidence. 

Room for Two?

One bathroom vanity trend that’s hot right now is the extra-long vanity that has two sinks. This could mean two separate, individual mirrors and their own lighting, or an extra-long mirror stretching the length of the vanity. What this trend definitely means is more storage space under and around, and we’ll always support that.

For Storage

The best bathroom vanity trends right now stretch from, in terms of storage, nothing to everything. One end of the spectrum of trends, like floating vanities, may give you no storage space under and around your vanity. The other end relies on a full build-out of cabinets under and around your vanity, maximizing the possible storage space. One thing is certain anywhere on that spectrum – you need storage space. Being who we are, our advice leans towards adopting the bathroom vanity trends that (generously) include cabinets.

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