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Benefits Of Custom Bathroom

Benefits Of Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Costs and benefits, pros and cons, yada yada ya. Right? If you’re about to start a bathroom remodel project, then wrong! If you don’t agree, we advise you to delay your project until you have considered the pros and cons of your design choices and analyzed the costs and benefits of each choice. It’s especially critical when choosing between custom bathroom cabinets and stock bathroom cabinets.

Like every design choice, your wants and needs will dictate whether or not the pros outweigh the cons and whether or not the benefits make the costs worth the investment. With custom bathroom cabinets, there are many factors to consider, including your budget, bathroom size, storage needs, and overall design style goals. Knowing these, here are 4 benefits of custom bathroom cabinets you need to know:

Best Fit = Maximum Storage

Customization is the key to maximizing the function and purpose of bathroom cabinets, which is to store your supplies and linens. However big, small, square, or oddly shaped your bathroom, custom cabinets offer the benefit of optimal storage space.

Accommodates Overall Desired Style

Where it concerns design goals and personal style preferences, custom bathroom cabinets have an intangible value. Bathroom cabinets, whether built-in underneath a traditional wall-to-wall countertop or suspended under a floating vanity, are but one element of a broader bathroom style goal. The ability to personalize custom bathroom cabinets to adapt to and support your complete style goal is a major benefit.


It’s no fun to use business buzzwords and acronyms in the design and creativity space, but here we are. ROI stands for “Return on Investment”, which 1) is a very transactional way to think about the benefits of custom bathroom cabinets, and 2) basically represents how much profit you’d make in the long run from your investment now. In this case, the ROI of custom bathroom cabinets can be calculated by their future addition to the value of your property divided by their initial cost. Numbers aside, we’re saying custom bathroom cabinets have a positive ROI on the value of your home, but also the quality of your daily life.

Higher Quality = Longevity

If you’ve read up on any of our previous blogs about custom cabinetry, then you already know that custom cabinets, be it in your bathroom or elsewhere, are typically made from higher quality materials. Yes, in most cases this means that custom cabinets are more expensive, and custom bathroom cabinets are no exception. However, because stock bathroom cabinets are typically cheaper (which are made from cheaper, standardized materials) and lower quality, they tend to succumb to wear-and-tear more quickly and get damaged more easily. This means that the cost of repair is more frequent and the cost of replacement comes sooner. On the other hand, the quality materials that go into custom bathroom cabinets mean greater longevity, which apart from the pleasure of enjoying your bathroom cabinets for a longer period of time, means you’ll save money in the long run.

Keeping these aspects in mind when planning your bathroom remodel will help you have a more thoughtful design and execution that considers your goals and your budget. If you want to learn more about custom cabinets, please check out our store at thecabinetcenter.com.

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