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Maintaining Your Bathroom Cabinets

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Bathroom Cabinets

Properly maintaining your bathroom cabinets is probably trickier than you think. The latest trends in bathroom design have cabinets doing a great job combining style and function, and the latest developments in bathroom cabinet storage and organization definitely help keep bathrooms tidy. However, it’s tough to keep it all together considering what goes on in your average bathroom.

Bathrooms and everything in them are subject to water exposure – from your shower, your faucet, and even sometimes your toilet (yikes). It’s where people go to clean off and relieve themselves, so there’s some of that, too. Also, it tends to get hot and steamy. Oh, here’s another thing! Lots of different personal hygiene items and cleansing solutions are splashed and spattered around pretty much every day. Get it? Not so easy. Rest assured, here are 3 very useful tips for maintaining your bathroom cabinets:

A Counter-Intuitive Task

It may seem against the grain suggesting this, since bathrooms are warm, wet, and steamy all the time, but dusting plays a huge role in proper bathroom cabinet maintenance. Humidity actually attracts dust, so dust your cabinets daily!

Clean Spills Immediately

The exterior surface area of your bathroom cabinets will of course endure a lot of splashes and sprays of water on a daily basis. Bathroom cabinet exteriors are made (and finished/sealed) to tolerate the day-to-day conditions. Still, it’s a good idea to dry up any excessive amounts of water you may find or see on or around the outside of your cabinets. They aren’t waterproof.

That’s the easy part. The really critical thing you need to address in bathroom cabinet maintenance are spills, especially when the spills occur inside your cabinets! Spills, you can imagine, aren’t necessarily water, and therefore it’s important to clean them as soon as they happen. Or as soon as they’re found, so make a point to check daily! Anything from mouthwash to lotion, hair styling products, nail polish, acetone, and other toiletries, can seriously damage your cabinets if spilled and not immediately cleaned up.

Empty & Clean Routinely + Occasionally Polish Your Cabinets

The best way to properly maintain your bathroom cabinets is to routinely empty them – meaning everything inside all of your cabinets – and cleaning the insides of the cabinets, while also making sure that whatever you removed that may have been dirty or dusty is placed back in storage after you clean it as well.

Depending on the type of bathroom cabinets you have, as in what they’re made of or how they’re manufactured, it may be a good idea to apply polish at the end of this step. Polish is mainly for bathroom cabinets made out of wood, which is pretty much every modern vanity. Not only does it help to remove the last traces of dirt and dust, it also helps protect your cabinets from harsh bathroom conditions, meaning they’ll last longer and work to keep your stored items clean, dry, and organized.

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